Banstead Commons and Banstead Commons Conservators
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The Conservators
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There are eight Conservators who are appointed by RBBC and each has a three-year term of office.  Two Conservators are appointed to represent the owners of the soil (principally RBBC) and these are usually serving Councillors.  RBBC invites the London Borough of Sutton (adjoining the northern boundary of the Commons) to nominate a representative for appointment by the RBBC.

Each year RBBC posts public notices advertising two of the remaining six appointments, to represent members of the public.  The applicants are considered and elected by RBBC (as successors to the vestry of the parish of Banstead); the existing Conservators play no part in the appointments.  The posts are voluntary and unpaid.

The Conservators 2019/20
Mr. V.Broad
Cllr. N.Moses
Dr J.Peacock (Chairman, Banstead)
Mr D.Atkins (Walton on the Hill)
Mr N.Cull (representing the London Borough of Sutton)
Dr. W.S.Bellenger (Tadworth)
Cllr.P.Harp (Nork)
Mr.J.Mill (Kingswood)
BCC staff
The staff consists of  three full-time and two part-time people:
The Clerk (part-time), the BCC’s Chief Executive, is responsible to the Conservators and carries out all administrative duties on their behalf.  
The Warden, promotes and implements the work programmes and weekly schedules for the day to day work and supervises the Keepers, in accordance with the Management Plans and Statements. 
The Keeperswe have two full-time keepers who perform the day-to-day tasks under the supervision of the Warden.

Conservators consultation
Banstead Heath Consultative Group (BHCG) meets twice a year, in spring and autumn, to discuss any subject of interest or concern relating to the Heath
Contact the Conservators:

For everyday matters of management or problems on the Commons, telephone:
Clerk:    07919 251512
or email here.

Individual Conservators can be contacted either via the Clerk or via email here.