Banstead Commons and Banstead Commons Conservators
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Activities on the Commons
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As common land the Commons are open to all to enjoy.    All we ask is that whatever activities you follow you do so with due regard to other users of the Commons, consideration of the wildlife that inhabits the Commons and within the law.  
Follow the Countryside Code:

Respect. Protect. Enjoy

Respect other people
•  Consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors
•  Leave gates and property as you find them and follow paths unless wider access is available
Protect the natural environment
•  Leave no trace of your visit and take your litter home
•  Keep dogs under effective control
Enjoy the outdoors
•  Plan ahead and be prepared
•  Follow advice and local signs
Walking and dog walking
Walkers are free to roam the Commons, however in the spring and early summer we  ask you to try and keep to the mown paths to avoid disturbance to ground nesting birds and other wildlife.   

We also ask
dog walkers to keep close control of your dogs at this time.  Please be aware that the Commons are owned by RBBC and as such are subject to the Dog Control Orders introduced by them in 2012 , these can be found here.

At the present time we do not provide bins for dog poo, firstly because we try to minimize “furniture” of any sort on the Commons and secondly at other sites this leads to increased littering around the bins that add disproportionate amounts of time and money to clear up.

We would encourage everyone to bag their dog’s mess AND to take it home with them rather than throw the bags into the trees.  Exactly the same policy we have for all litter. 
Horse riding and cycling

Banstead Heath has nearly 14km of Public Bridleways and more than 5.5km of Permissive rides and so not surprisingly is popular with both local and visiting horse riders.  There are a number of stables either adjoining or close to the Heath making access  safe.  Permissive rides have been created to help keep horses and other users of the Heath separate so increasing the safety of all.  In addition, where possible, a number of permissive rides have been created to offer alternative routes to enable horse riders to avoid roads .

Banstead Downs are crossed by a number of bridlepaths and permissive rides.  Special care should be taken in the vicinity of the golf course to ensure both your own and the golfers safety.

There are a number of bridlepaths on Park Downs providing an alternative to the nearby roads.

Horse riders and cyclists should behave with due care of walkers by not riding at speed and cyclists are expected to give way to walkers and horse riders at all times.

Organised activities
Organised activities on the Commons require the permission of the Conservators and we request that if  you are orgainsing an event, such as sponsored walks orienteering etc, we ask that you contact the B.C.C.Clerk well in advance so that we are aware and prepared.