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Clerk to the Conservators
Job description
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Banstead Commons Conservators

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Clerk to Banstead Commons Conservators
SALARY: Up to 15,500 p.a. ( ~ 2 days per week, flexible)
JOB REPORTS TO: Chairman, Banstead Commons Conservators
JOB PURPOSE: To act as Chief Executive to the BCC, overseeing all activities of the BCC, the Clerk responsible to the Conservators and carries out all the administrative duties on their behalf.
This is a part-time post with duties ranging from the run of the mill daily correspondence, e-mails, and telephone calls from members of the general public to specific requests from individuals and organisations. The Clerk has delegated authority to deal with most aspects of running the commons but investigates and refers the more unusual questions to the BCC at the quarterly meetings when he also reports back on the regular liaison meetings held with the Police, Council Officers and the Banstead Heath Consultative Group.
MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES/DUTIES OF THE JOB:  These are the key responsibilities of the job. On occasion the Clerk may be required to undertake other duties. 
General Administration:   Deal with incoming correspondence and communications by post, email and telephone, dealing with most of them directly.  Apart from enquiries from the general public this includes attending regular meetings and liaison with Council Officers, the Police and local Environmental Groups and other various ad-hoc meetings. 
To deal with consultation documents from local and central government as well as completing applications for alternative funding from Natural England, the Rural Payments Agency and source and investigate other possible income streams.
Prepare agendas for and organise the BCC’s own Quarterly Meetings and the bi-annual Meetings of the Banstead Heath Consultative Group. Attend the meetings and prepare and distribute the Minutes. Prepare the BCC’s Annual Report. 
Peruse the weekly Planning Application schedule and comment on any Applications affecting the Commons.  Monitor the adequacy of all Insurance Policies, effect their renewals and deals with any claims. 
Financial:  Manage the finances in accordance with the agreed budgets. 
Maintain the accounts, checking and paying all invoices.
Operate the payroll and pension scheme for the staff including reporting to the Inland Revenue, both routine administration and annual returns. 
Prepare annual budgets and financial statements for BCC Meetings.  Prepare the Annual Accounts (to accompany the Annual Report) including the independent inspection by external Audit. 
Prepare applications for external funding to Natural England, Rural Payments Agency, DEFRA etc.
Human Resources:  Deal with all matters involving the Warden and Keepers, mostly in conjunction with the Warden.
Prepare paperwork regarding employment including keeping apprised of current employment legislation. 
Operational:  Liaise with the Warden regarding the preparation of the Annual Work programme. The Warden is responsible for the day to day implementation of the work and supervision of the Keepers and Contractors.
Liaise with both voluntary and statutory organisations, in conjunction with the Warden, with the ability to understand and monitor the technical requirements of Site Management Plans and Stewardship Schemes.
Sanction the purchase of vehicles and equipment and place orders for contractors. 
Legal:  Have a working knowledge of the law, especially the Law of Commons, so as to ensure the enforcement of the terms and conditions of the Conservators empowering Act of 1893 and subsequent legislation and to keep apprised of ongoing changes in the legislation. 
Liaise with RBBC Legal Department on all matters, including land exchange.
Assess possible action in connection with encroachments, enclosures, boundary disputes, byelaws, and take action, as appropriate to resolve such disputes.
Health & Safety:  Maintain and update the Safety Manual, Risk Assessments and COSHH Assessments.
Keep apprised of changes in Legislation affecting Health & Safety and ensure that working practices and procedures comply with all statutory requirements, including at the Depot.
General public; Borough of Reigate and Banstead; Natural England; Contractors/suppliers.
Other Notes:  The Clerk will be expected to work from home and to house the necessary computer equipment and store all the BCC’s filing and other paperwork for which a monthly payment is made.
Mileage and other expenses are re-imbursed on production of appropriate receipts and schedules, payments being made a month in arrears. The payments/repayments are all made by The Clerk and, although subject to Audit, trust and honesty are implicit.